Krimpenerwaard. With its green polders with cows, pollard willows and ditches. As well as charming village centres with beautiful monuments and museums. And of course, the Silver City of Schoonhoven with its trendy artist's studios and traditional crafts. Come to Krimpenerwaard and prepare to be amazed.

Come and explore
On this website, you will not only read about what characterises Krimpenerwaard: polders, cheese, water and silver, but we have also included the highlights and a list of great tips for you. Would you like to explore this region's most beautiful sights? Or are you looking for fun activities and events? Discover the hospitality. Or go out and about and discover all the wonderful things that cross your path.

Unique landscape
Krimpenerwaard is part of the Green Heart. Many people are familiar with the Dutch landscape of ribbon fields. That is the typical strip pattern of narrow fields – with pollard willows along high water ditches. And grazing cows of course. A unique Dutch landscape: ancient and timeless at the same time.

Just reading about it is fun. But experiencing Krimpenerwaard is so much better!


Krimpenerwaard's polders are below sea level. You can clearly see that by the river dykes. And to think that around a thousand years ago Krimpenerwaard was still one big swamp forest. It was only once the ditches were dug that the swamp ran dry and the peat soil receded further.

Nowadays, Krimpenerwaard is almost as flat as a pancake. Outside the villages, wherever you look you see green pastures with spotted cows. High water ditches and pollard willows. In many places, the linear settlements are still intact: lines of villages that run along the rivers or water outlets.


You see water everywhere in Krimpenerwaard. If it is not one of the rivers encircling the area, it will be the countless ditches, wide canals and waterways in the polders. Almost all homes by the water have their own bridge.

This waterland is of course amazing for the active ones among us. With wetland playgrounds, a recreational lake and so many ditches to explore. Various great canoe routes and SUP tours are marked out throughout Krimpenerwaard!

Fun tip!
Krimpenerwaard is bordered by three rivers, the Hollandse IJssel, the Lek and the Vlist. It's because of them that this area got its name. Because a 'krimp' means a bend in a river and 'waard' is the name for a piece of land surrounded by rivers. Krimpenerwaard!


You can find cheese farms and cheesemakers throughout Krimpenerwaard. How could it be otherwise with so many cows in all those classic Dutch meadows? You can buy farmer's cheese in the cosy farm shops - sometimes organic, always traditionally prepared. Made with raw milk, fresh from the cow.

See where that tasty cheese is made with your own eyes. The cheesemaker is usually more than happy to talk about their passion. And all about what goes into making that delicious cheese. Did you know that each region has its own cheese flavour? It is down to the land where the cows graze. So you really can taste Krimpenerwaard.


If you say silver, you say Schoonhoven. The Silver City that has had a shining reputation for almost 700 years. Schoonhoven has since grown into THE silver centre. With attractive artist's studios, trendy galleries and workshops of traditional silversmiths. It is also where you will find the only professional silversmith course in the country.

It all started with the castle lords who commissioned the very first silversmiths in the fourteenth century. And to this day, you can still find the most beautiful treasures here. What about the National Silver Museum?